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Library Programs

Overview of Enrichment Programs offered through the Library 


                    Battle of the Books Reading Club 

Battle of the Books is a reading motivation program. The goals of this program are to encourage and to recognize students who enjoy reading and to broaden reading interests.
Lists of books are chosen for grades three/four, five and six. New lists are compiled each year and every effort is made to ensure a range of type, genre and difficulty so that readers may encounter a broad range of books. Students read the books independently and then discuss them, complete reading logs, quiz each other on the contents, and then compete in teams of three to correctly answer questions based on the books. The questions used all begin with “In what book…” so that the answer will always be the title of the book. The teams work together to earn points in order to participate as finalists that represent Watson Road at the district final battle every year in April.
Battle of the books has proven itself to be effective in its specified purpose- to stimulate and maintain interest in reading throughout the grades. Keep in mind this is an enrichment program so the books may be challenging. We want this to be a positive experience for students, not overwhelming.
Please be aware that you may need to visit the public library to sign out battle books if we do not have any in the library when you need them.

Math Enrichment

Math Challenge Club
The goal of this club is to build student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. Contest problems are designed to cover a range of mathematical knowledge for each grade level. All of the problems on each contest require no additional knowledge of mathematics beyond the grade level they test.
Students receive a booklet of practice contests/solutions to work their way through independently. The goal is to practice and sharpen their mathematic skills and be prepared for the two different contests that take place in the spring. As a club we meet periodically to complete practice tests and discuss the contests.
All of the contests can add interest and excitement to any mathematics program. All of the questions in the 4th and 5th grade cover basic curricular topics, including: properties of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, time and calendar questions, shapes, perimeter, money, basic ratio and percent, rounding numbers, remainders, integers, and more. These contests challenge students to show their understanding of basic principles through numerical and word problems that encourage an open, flexible approach to problem solving. The 6th grade contests questions cover material appropriate to grade level. Questions may cover: fractions, decimals, ratios, percent’s, angle measurement, perimeter, area, circumference, basic roots, patterns, sequences, integers, triangles and right triangles, and other topics.
UNESCO declared a few years ago that the learning of mathematics, centered on problem resolution activities, was the most efficient way to develop lasting mathematical skills and the best way to prepare a person to meet the challenges of the workplace in the 21 st century. Problem resolution is the focus of these contests and represents a powerful motivational tool that can help promote mathematical ability. These contests encourage a variety of problem-solving skills and methods, to improve students' abilities and understanding of mathematical connections, while having fun!

Contest Dates are listed below:
Good websites for math terms
Mathematics Contests Test Dates
Package 1- end of January
Package 2- early April

The Great Canadian Geography Challenge

This challenge is a question/answer competition designed to test a student's knowledge of geography. First there will be a series of nine rounds of geography quizzes to determine who will receive the highest score in each classroom. These students will compete in the final competition in the gymnasium. Then at the challenge final, first, second and third place students will receive award certificates and prizes. This is a fun and enriching way to spark students’ interest and enthusiasm about Canada, the world and geography.