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Cold Weather?

It is critical that students arrive at school each day prepared for cold weather. Parents should check the local forecast for up-to-date weather information. Students must be dressed appropriately so that they remain safe and comfortable during the following times:

    • Outside playtime before and after school
    • Lunchtime playtime 
    • Recess 
    • Fire Drills (at all temperatures)
    • Bus breakdowns
    • Unscheduled and scheduled outside breaks and learning experiences.

We do not have a school or district policy for cold weather procedures. However, the following guidelines are in place at Watson Road Elementary.

BELOW FREEZING (-1 Celsius to -15)

Students are expected to go outside. Parents should ensure that their child brings the following items needed to stay warm and comfortable when outside:

    • Warm coat
    • Gloves/Mittens
    • Head/Ear covering
    • Boots
    • Waterproof snow pants

 Students will be expected to go outside for the duration of the forty minute play time providing the wind is calm and the students will be able to stay dry. The Environment Canada website ( will be used to check weather conditions. The same clothing items as noted above should be worn. If the wind starts to pick up and students start to show signs of significant discomfort, the bell will ring early to allow students to come inside to their classroom, computer lab, or library for the remainder of the outside play time. As teachers have a duty free lunch, noon hour supervisors will be responsible for formal supervision.

 TEMPERATURE REACHES below -16 Celsius

If the temperature reaches minus 16 Celsius, and the grounds are dry and the wind is calm, students will go outside for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the bell will ring to allow students to come inside to their classroom or library for the remainder of the outside play time.
TEMPERATURE REACHES -20 Celsius (with windy conditions)
If the temperature reaches minus 20 Celsius, and the wind is blowing at more than 20 km/h, students will stay inside during lunch and recess