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Watson Road Elementary
Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

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​Watson Road Elementary is an exciting learning community where we empower our students to be their best. Our students are safe, connected, and valued in our school community. We are fortunate to have a caring, committed, and knowledgeable staff that collaborate together, and build important relationships to consider all aspect of the child.  Our staff provide an inclusive and differentiated learning community.  Overall the staff is valued in the community as caring individuals who work hard and are committed to building positive relationships.  Our staff consists of 25 classroom teachers, who are supported by a principal, a vice principal, two learning assistant teachers, an Arts Education teacher, a teacher-librarian, a counselor, an Area Resource Clinician, a resource teacher, an Indigenous  Student Advocate, and several certified educational assistants servicing approximately 599 students.

Our school community expanded their theme of G.R.I.T. in 2021 (gratitude, resilience, 'I can" attitude, and teamwork) by connecting it to the principles of the Circle of Courage* which asserts that there are four essential values that drive a healthy community.  The central premise of this model is that a set of shared values and common language must be present in order to unify a community of learners. These shared values include belonging, independence, mastery and generosity. The Circle of Courage is a unifying vision and a common language for all members of the learning community to foster self-esteem, a sense of self-worth and inclusiveness.Circle.png

*Brendtro, L.K., Brokenleg, M., & Van Bockern, S. (2005). The Circle of Courage and Positive Psychology.

Belonging: Each and every person needs to feel they belong to our Watson Road School Community. We know that feeling valued and accepted has the power to transform relationships and inspire change.

Independence: Each person is responsible for their own actions. We each have the ability to make decisions, care for others and solve problems. By helping students find their voice, advocate for themselves effectively, and understand the value of others in their lives, students can better embrace the responsibilities of growing up.

Mastery: Each person strives to be their best and achieve goals. This lets us all gain confidence in all aspects of our whole self. We know that by developing skills, being persistent, resilience and competent, a student's desire to achieve is strengthened.

GenerosityEach person appreciates receiving and feels even better when giving something good to be shared. This allows us to fully participate in our community. We know that by experiencing the power of a giving community, students can recognize the wonderful gifts they have to share with others.

​Watson Road Elementary is located in a rapidly growing area within the City of Kelowna.

* The school opened in the year 2000 with a student population of 358.

* The school has experienced steady growth and has a current school population of 599.

* The school entered into a partnership agreement with the City of Kelowna. The City operates an after-school program in our gym, as well, offers programming for groups involved in field events during evenings and weekends; the partnership provides valuable service to the community.

* The school provides a wide range of activities to promote student involvement. There are extracurricular leadership, performing arts, sports and academic activities provided for students. These opportunities include such activities as intramural sports, monitoring jobs (lunch, library, and announcement monitors), Black Light group, and Battle of the Books.