Vision Statements
Our Watson Road visions are:

Good behaviour, achievement, and success are recognized, celebrated and reinforced.
Students are proud of their achievements and accomplishments.  Rituals and special events reinforce our shared goals and beliefs, and engender strong support for the school.  When success results from effort, it is acknowledged.
Each child's literacy is raised to a higher level each year.  
Literacy is a primary classroom and school goal.  We assess and measure literacy and the components of literacy, and target student growth in literacy through individual, classroom, and schoolwide events and programs.
Balanced Excellence
All aspects of the elementary school experience are given appropriate emphasis and are delivered effectively and thoroughly.  
Within a balanced and manageable program, no obvious gaps and neglected areas emerge.  Students are developed in all major areas.
Discipline and Safety
Discipline is well understood and supported by students, staff and parents, and students feel safe at school.
Safety is taught as part of the culture of respect, and as part of the school routines and rules.  Safety programs are not overbearing.
Collaboration and Definition of Programs
Teachers work together in many ways to improve instruction.
Programs are defined and made specific through staff agreements, projects are engaged in amongst staff groups, cooperative planning amongst teachers is made possible, supportive relationships and teams are the norm.