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Welcome to Watson Road Elementary

Online Registration Form 

Required documentation

A valid Canadian birth certificate or Canadian passport of the child, a copy of one parent/guardian BC driver’s license and one parent/guardian BC CARE card for proof of residency must be provided at the time of registration. Other legal documentation such as landed immigrant/permanent resident card, certificate of citizenship or documents issued by Immigration Canada must be processed through our International Education office prior to registering at a school. Immunization records for the child must also be provided at the time of registration.
Qualifying age
To qualify for school enrollment, a child must reach the age of five years of age prior to December 31st of the year of attendance as per the School Act.  There are no exceptions for earlier admission.

Deferred Enrollment
The School Act allows a parent to defer the enrollment of a Kindergarten child for not more than one year. Parents are encouraged to discuss deferment with the school principal before a decision is made.
Where to Register
Parents typically register their children at their neighbourhood school. To determine your catchment area school please check on the district’s map that is posted on our website. Alternatively, parents may elect to register at their school of choice.

Acceptance of Registration
As per Board Policy 405R – Student Placement Regulations priorities shall be given to students on the following basis:
    • catchment area students who, in the previous year, attended the school;
    • catchment area students who, in the previous year, were ‘placed’ by the district in a different school;
    • siblings of catchment area students;
    • new catchment area students;
    • siblings of non-catchment area students currently enrolled in the school;
    • non-catchment area students who request to attend the school which is other than their catchment area school;
    • non-district area students;
    • international students.
All students will attend the Ministry mandated Full Day Kindergarten Program.
Landed Immigrant/Permanent Resident/Work Visa/Refugee Status
All students who have landed immigrant/permanent resident status, refugee status or parents with work visas will need to obtain a letter of enrollment from the Welcome Centre prior to registering at a school. Please contact our International Education Office at Hollywood Road Education Services, 1040 Hollywood Road, (250) 470-3258.
International Students
All International Students are processed through School District No. 23’s International Education Office at Hollywood Road Education Services, 1040 Hollywood Road, (250) 470-3258.
For further information please visit the International Education Website.
Student of Non-Resident Parents
Students who are Canadian citizens, but whose parents are non-BC residents, must pay tuition in order to access an education program in B.C., including our School District. There is a requirement that a formal Custodianship Agreement be established for students who are not living with their legal parent/guardian. Please contact our International Education Department for further information at (250) 470-3258.
Home Schooling
In accordance with the B.C. School Act all children receiving their education at home MUST be registered by September 30th. Central Programs & Services offer full access to distance courses for students enrolled in Distributed Learning (Kindergarten to Grade 12). For information please phone (250) 868-1135 or for Grades 7 to 12 at