Principal’s Message
Welcome to Watson Road Elementary!
Watson Road Elementary has a population of 564 students with 24 classes.  Of these students, about 75 percent are in catchment with an additional 25 percent out-of-catchment.  The out-of-catchment students attend our school through parent choice.   The school has a strong focus on meeting the needs of every student.  We have a well-established “Model of Support” based on the “Response to Intervention Model.”  This ensures that support is timely and appropriate to meet the needs of the child.  Overall, students in our school perform at a high level academically, based on numerous measures that are tracked on an ongoing basis through our School Improvement Plan.  Additionally, our school has an active Parent Advisory Council that supports the school in numerous ways.  They support field trips by paying for bus costs, purchase additional resources to support the school, coordinate the hot lunch program, put on movie nights and dances, as well as a yearly fun fair to name a few initiatives.  The PAC meets monthly and encourages all parents to attend.  The teachers and staff are committed to providing students with numerous exciting learning opportunities.  They coordinate a variety of field trips, invite guest speakers into the school, and put on a variety of activities throughout the year to support physical fitness.  The school also engages in a number of charitable events throughout the year in order to give back to the community.
At Watson Road Elementary, all students are encouraged to be Kind, Safe, Responsible, and Respectful Learners.

At Watson Road Elementary our staff endeavour to provide each child with the best educational experience where they will find, follow, and share their passion.  Your school team is ready, willing and dedicated to providing a quality education with high expectations for learning in a safe and fun environment. Together we are looking forward to meeting and working with you to improve our school and the positive educational experience of each child.

We all share responsibility in making Watson Road Elementary School excellent in all areas.

Students need:

  • a positive attitude and good behaviour
  • regular attendance and diligence in their studies
  • respect towards their school mates

Parents need:

  • involvement in school activities
  • to assist in ensuring your child's program and work get completed
  • regular contact with the school
  • a positive working relationship with your child's teacher
  • to advocate for your child's education

Staff need:

  • continued commitment in providing the prescribed curriculum through meaningful and motivating activities
  • ongoing monitoring of student's progress through a variety of assessment tools
  • regular communication with parents

Administration need:

  • leadership which reflects the commitment to provide a safe and caring environment for all children in our school
  • to ensure programming needs are met for each student
  • to communicate relevant information to the school community
  • the ability to articulate and plan a direction to improve life at Watson Road Elementary

I encourage and welcome you to become involved in your child's school. I look forward to working together with students, staff and parents and also to the challenges and celebrations that the school year will bring!


Janet Williams

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