About Our School
About Our School
Watson Road Elementary


        Our school was opened in the year 2000. At first, we had only nine classes, all of whom had been a part of North Glenmore Elementary School. The next year, children were transferred here from Springvalley Elementary, and Glenmore Elementary, and the school began to grow. We now have 22 classes and approximately 545 pupils.

        Watson Road Elementary was named from the pioneer family whose farmhouse is at the top of the hill near the school. The Watson family is still nearby, and several members of the family attended the school’s open house. We have had some members of the Watson family as pupils in the school.

        Before the school was built, the southern end of the playing field, where the school is now, was a duckpond. The school is built with a special “floating slab” foundation suitable for wetlands.

        The original nine teachers from North Glenmore are called the Founders and Creators of the school. They wrote the mission statement and set the school rules and tried to create a school that was perfect for our community. The Founders and Creators chose the red winged blackbird as a symbol of the school.  You can see red winged blackbirds in the bulrushes near the school every spring and summer.

        Dr. Watson is the name of our mascot- a huge red winged blackbird who visits the school assemblies every so often. He is named after the Sherlock Holmes character, and the pioneer family for whom the school is also named.