Code of Conduct

I am a kind, safe, responsible and respectful learner!!


Dress Code:

Watson Road with the Watson Road Parent Advisory Council, considers the classroom as a "place of business".  Appropriate will be defined here as right and correct for the school setting and functions, conducive to learning, not distracting from or disruptive to the learning process, intimidating to others, make any other student or adult in the building uncomfortable,   Students are expected to refrain from dress styles which promote, imitate or celebrate violence, intimidation, racism, sexism, hatred towards others, gang association, sex, or alcohol/drug use.  Clothes should not display language which is sexual, explicit, defamatory or offensive to any members of the school community.  In addition, footwear must be worn at all times for health and safety reasons. 

Students or visitors to Watson Road who do not meet the dress code will be respectfully required to change into appropriate attire or asked to leave the property.